Maine Hires Tommy’s Doggies to Serve Great Customer Experiences!

Tommy’s Doggies means Awesome Hot Dogs!

Fairs, Festivals, Car Shows, Craft Shows, Car Dealerships, Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, Celebrations and More. Tommy’s Doggies brings the ultimate customer service experience to your location…

Are you having a convention, a street fair, a vintage auto show, a craft fair or operate a larger than life flea market? Or maybe you run a concert venue or have a series of open air concerts in the summer and need to feed concert goers?

Are you concerned that concessions will be just run of the mill and not help deliver that memorable experience for your shows and events?

Well, you do not have to deal with mediocrity in mobile food vending anymore. Here’s Tommy’s Doggies.

At Tommy’s Doggies, we are not your run-of-the-mill Hot Dog cart that resells encased meat.

Tommy’s Doggies is a premier brand in the mobile concessions space and are constantly striving to be tops in everything we do.

CLEANLINESS: Clean Shops are Happy Ones

We take an insanely strong pride in having a clean concession vehicle/cart with the strictest of HACCP standards. Health Inspectors should be using our carts and vehicles as models of sanitary and safe food practices. A clean professional appearance is what matters, rather selling cars, homes and even hot dogs. A clean, sharp uniform with a smile sells more than a dirty, unkempt looking hot dog vendor.

PRODUCT: Stand by everything

I, Tom Howell, owner of Tommy’s Doggies thoroughly Product: investigates and conducts all food purchases for the company. I only want to sell the absolute best and highest quality product available. I use the following for my hot dogs and sandwiches:

Nathan’s All-Beef Hot Dogs: Depending per venue and event we will use Jumbo and Quarter Pounder Hot Dogs.

Shield’s Provisions of Kennebunkport: Red snapper dogs, 7 to a pound. Beef/pork mix in a red natural casing. Mild taste, but you love that “Snap!”

Pearl Kountry Klub Hot Beef Sausage: Famous Massachusetts meat packer that makes premium hot dogs. We are using their Hot Beef Sausage, which uses a pork or sheep casing.

Leidy’s of Telford: Local Kielbasa maker that Tommy’s Doggies sources for our Kielbasa sandwiches. Merge the natural casing and snap of a grilled one with sauerkraut, mustard and a steak roll.

Pork King Sausage: Hot Italian Sausage Links with some cheese and onions will bring you back to South Philly.

I believe greatly in what I sell and I will keep consistent time after time, sale after sale.

EXPERIENCE: Love awesome experiences

To be a successful hot dog vendor (well if successful anything in the food business) is that you need Customers to visit your cart and purchase. Think for a second if you had tons of product, but no customers around. You could not push product.

I think of customer interaction as a sacred process that should not be treaded lightly. Customers will remember negative experiences more than positive. And if a customer raves about our product, they will let other friends, relatives, co-workers etc. know about you and send them on over!

(215) 740-8582

At Tommy’s Doggies, we are selling experiences, not just hot dogs to customers. We love our customers and highly value their investment in our product, therefore each customer is greeted with a smile and a conversation. Once we greet the customer, we take their order and then suggest chips, soft pretzels and beverages to enhance their dining experience.

For specific events and festivals, We will go the extra mile and co-brand our cart with your event and even create food specials to tie in as well. For example, for a recent Vintage Auto Show, we created a few specials that tied a product to a specific car’s ethnic heritage (i.e. Detroit Dog for American Cars, Benz Bratwurst for German Cars or Bentley on a Bun for British Cars) and was very popular with the show goers. We are very creative and want to burn in the minds of customers a great experience and that they remember our product.

CONSISTENCY: Product & Service

A struggle to some in concessions, because they want to buy which will give them the best margins. Margins I could not care less about when it comes to my customers and your events. I will take a loss to make sure my name remains with a positive note and that we can serve a great product. I use the same products no matter which day of the week or which event I travel to. I will shop for the best price as all vendors do, but I want the same exact high quality product with absolutely high regard to keeping quality and not sacrificing or compromising ANYTHING.

PARTNERSHIP: We represent you as well!

Every time I request an application or discuss a vendor relationship with an event, concert, show or convention, I want to keep in mind here, that you are a business partner, not just another event that decided to let my cart in. Not only does our cart represent Tommy’s Doggies as a business, but also represent your respectable event as a food concession choice. My end goal, is to create an award winning, world class brand where Event Coordinators are ringing my phone off the hook begging me to serve our product at their events. I want that more for you than I want for my company and I really want to succeed!


LET’S have a conversation to discuss your event and how I can better serve your customers with our product. Fill out the form on our contact page or call me, Tom Howell at 215-740-8582. I would love to take the opportunity to send you a press kit and even sit down to show you why we need to be at your next event!

Serving only the best,

Tom Howell

owner, Tommy’s Doggies